C-THRU Window Cleaning Services

C-Thru...The Difference!

C-THRU Window Cleaning Services are here for all of your Window Cleaning requirements.
From a regular cleaning service to a one off clean.
No job is too small, from a small house to an office block, C-Thru can help you.

Why not ask For A Quote and let us offer you a superb window cleaning service

Commercial or Residential

Whether it’s an office block or a house
C-THRU Window Cleaning Services can transform the appearance of any building.

Here are some other services we can offer you

UPVC Cleaning

With our High Reach telescopic brushes we can access every part of a building to clean all of your Soffits, Gutters, Frames and Signage.
Conservatories are no problem with all the right equipment.
C-Thru Window Cleaning Services can make your whole building shine!

Thru UPVC CLean 14
Thru UPVC CLean 9
Thru UPVC CLean 12
Thru UPVC CLean 23

Just Ask For A Quote and C-Thru can make your property stand out from the rest!


With our High Reach – High Powered Vacuum Cleaners we can clear out all of your gutters from the safety of the ground.

Keeping your gutters clear is such an important part of your annual maintenance that most property owners tend to  overlook.
Here at C-Thru we can do all the hard work so you don’t have to!

C Thru Gutter cleaning 5
C Thru Gutter cleaning 16
C Thru Gutter cleaning 15
C Thru Gutter cleaning 4

Just Ask For A Quote and C-Thru can transform the overall look of your property!

Pressure Washing

With our High Pressure specialist equipment we can clean almost any hard surface such as Driveways, Patios, Footpaths, Decking all the way up to Tennis Courts & Car Parks.

Pressure washing isn’t just a cosmetic requirement it’s also a safety aspect.
Areas covered in Algae will become very slippy and dangerous when wet.
Here at C-Thru we can not just make your property clean but more importantly safe!

C-Thru Pressure Washing 18
C-Thru Pressure Washing 14
C-Thru Pressure Washing 15
C-Thru Pressure Washing 12

Just Ask For A Quote and C-Thru can transform the overall look of your property!

Why not get in touch and let C-Thru Window Cleaning start the process of making your property stand out from the rest!